The Golden age is between 0 and 10

The Golden Age

All children have their “golden age” of development. Whether it be for learning a language or playing a musical instrument, and ESPECIALLY for fitness motor skills development.

This is said to be between 0-10 years of age.

The critical period of child motor development is THE window of opportunity for a child. During this period, the plasticity of the brain makes it extremely susceptible for the child to acquire a multitude of information and skills. It should not be put to waste!

The foundations of child development and lifelong learning are built within this period. It is fundamental that children are exposed to early stimulations through movement and sensory experiences.

It is widely accepted that the first 2 years are when a child acquires posture and gross motor skills, gradually developing the finer motor skills by the age of 9.

However, at the age of 10, the “golden age” is speculated to reach a closure.

Beyond this window, efficiency in learning and acquiring new skills are significantly reduced.

The key lesson: brain plasticity gradually narrows as the child matures. At GeeBee, we want to emphasise the importance of early experiences for a child to achieve their full potential!

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