Staying in your lanes

Respect, Modesty, Discipline

Does doing sports make us better people?

Sports have their own laws and rules and any punishment for breaking them is sporting. In these arenas, players have the opportunity to make mistakes without severe social consequences. the sports field is a place where they can freely express themselves, whilst figuring out the rights and wrongs.

No-one is more important than the team. We witness modesty when players give credit to their teammates, and when respect and praise is given to the opponents. Sport and exercise nurture this into the players. Whether they win or lose, a player should maintain their modesty.

Discipline in sports comes in various forms. It teaches the players to play by the rules, and perform to the best of their ability with restraints that test their will constantly. Good self-discipline only ever has a positive effect on one’s life, be it health, friendship, and work, whatever it may be.

Your child is already probably brilliant.

How amazing can they be?

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