Race track used for PE at school

PE & Sports in Schools

I loved PE at school. But not everyone did, and not everyone does.

PE lessons have been reduced from the UK curriculum over recent years. Budgets, academic priorities, a lack of space and other factors have played roles in this gradual change. Essentially, the responsibility for providing physical education, health and fitness to our children passed to the private sector. Did you know that?

That’s ironic given that exercise is proven to help the children study, concentrate and memorise. But it’s tragic that so many children have not kept as fit or healthy as they might have over this time.

GeeBee club’s raison d’être is to open a gap for playtime in their busy weekends, and fill the gap with learning skills and games and opportunity to reap all the benefits of physical activity. And longer term, see that these children are readied and keen for secondary school Games and PE.

Physically able, healthy and agile, with a confidence to carry them fearlessly into big school challenges. Go for it!

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