Child splashing water onto their face

Exercise to study

I’ve seen first hand how hard the most studious children work towards their 11plus school entrances. The rewards are reaped through places in their chosen schools, and scholarships or bursaries in exchange for brilliance.

Their effort on this academic journey is intense and daily, and their days are often very long, certainly full. Add a musical instrument or language study to the timetable and you have a child who works very, very hard indeed.

The Surplus-Energy theory (Schiller, 1873), and the Recreation theory (Lazarus, 1883), differ slightly in their propositions but align in respect to the value of physical activity in resetting, refreshing or recharging a child’s batteries for their next academic challenge, perhaps. Indeed, for their health, fitness and the thorough development of motor skills.

Research shows, and teachers the world over say, that such a demanding lifestyle requires the students to “let off steam”, to play and exercise in order to recover their best selves — a reinvigorated brain, an open engine, a new high — with which to focus and take on their academic endeavours.

We are asking such children, the most studious, the musicians, poets and scientists, scholars and triers, “how amazing can you be?”

Let’s learn some skills while we let off steam. Go for it!

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