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COVID-19 precautions at GeeBee Club

The UK government has placed new restrictions on social gatherings, but organised sports remain exempt from this. If our government isn’t motivated by preserving our children’s mental health, then what would motivate them? Indeed, they have demonstrated how important it is that our children take exercise, breathe fresh air and get outdoors into the nature by allowing organised sports to continue along side their schooling.

This is a difficult period for us all, in one way or another, no doubt. But for almost all of us, I imagine, the basic privilege of going outside was taken away from us, to the extent that some people faked pets so they could go for additional walkies! The opportunity to exercise once a day in the open, in order to leave the house, was what we looked forward to the most. We all came to know the joy of walking and realised the unquestionable benefits of a non-sedentary lifestyle on both our physical and mental well-being.

The is where our new club comes in. Pre-pandemic, we devised a programme to coach sports to the least sporty children. Fitness and motor skill development were (are) high on our agenda. Now, come Autumn in this year of pandemic, we understand that the value of our club has changed, Rocketed.

But we still have transmissions to worry about. Some seem to think it’s all over, all in the past, but that’s not our risk to take with your child. The responsibility for designing appropriate precautions on the pitch falls to organisers and coaches, and we relish any responsibility.

So, GeeBee starts with a huge playing area, entrances and exits that are easy to control, and a policy of sharing no equipment (including bibs). Only players and staff will enter the pitch area and my coaches will keep safe distances from their children. The age groups will not mix or interact, and we will stipulate some precautions to the children while at our lessons. We will check head temperatures upon entrance, and gel will be made available.

This way, we can continue to progress the children and help them enjoy the game at hand. Outdoors. In the fresh air. Did I mention the fresh air?

GeeBee Club head coach

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