Fearless child not avoiding getting into the water

Confidence is the antidote

Writing a ‘sick note’ for your child so they can miss a PE lesson to avoid that embarrassment of underperforming is not a pleasant feeling. Their dread becomes parental dread because we know well what it is to duck out of anything.

Avoiding certain situations that we feel uncomfortable in gives us a sense of relief… but only in the very very short-term. We’ve all experienced it before, haven’t we?

But did you know that once we continue to avoid situations that make us anxious, we get ourselves into a “vicious cycle of anxiety”. A snowball effect where the anxiety towards that fear (of PE, for example,) is made worse in the longer term.

This very much applies to our children. Whilst letting them skip that one PE lesson gives them immediate relief, if we keep allowing them to avoid it, how will they learn to confront it?

They are essentially avoiding the golden opportunity to exercise and be healthy. Let’s help them take that first step, to gradually enjoy moving about and being active.

We want them to have the confidence to take on anything! GeeBee will teach children that there is nothing to be anxious about in regards to being physically active. It’s all fun and play!

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